Friday, 2 July 2010

mad hatter?....

Do you know what a student who is meant to write her dissertation does?...Right, she makes hats:)
A new obsession occurred when I came to the UK and got totally inspired as the tradition of wearing hats, fascinators, headpieces - call it as you want- is rooted in the nation's fashion so deeply that if fascinates me more than anything! In fact while being a child and teenager I hardly wore any hats since my mum being a hair dresser felt some sort of cheating about them wht afffected me in a way! So you can imagine how hairdresses try to make people not wear hats but more fashionable hair cuts etc.?)Somehow I even though hats don't suit me, however I kept on collecting them...I never really wore them, but used to bring at least one new hat after each holidays:) These British fascinators and millinery seemed to be so beautiful but one would never dare wear it back home, in Moscow (well only if the event would require some sort of dress code).

Anyway in the UK when I got some more free time I started making some head pieces, can't call them hats at all, as it is a nice accessories for me:)
Anyway I hope that some time later I will show you my collection of hats, but for now just a sneak peak what I ve got:)

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