Sunday, 21 February 2010

one week in one go!

For quite a long time I haven't experienced this nice calming tiredness...Sounds weird but it is absolutely true. Having worked the whole week with early wake-ups at 5.30, visiting amazing places in Edinburgh and surrounding area, meeting new creative and absolutely talented people like Ainslie Currie (make-up artist and hair designer), Julie Howden ( photographer from Ed), Mark Mainz (photographer from the Herald), Margarita - the Ukranian model who is just absolutely stunning, made last week probably one of the best since I am in Scotland!
On Friday I finally collaborated with Ruth, Glasgow based photographer, where I was creating styles of late 80-s pop-girl and dramatic new ballerina. Thanks to Del Shields who popped up with this crazy old school tape player:))) and saved the shoot!
I couldn't even complain about the weather in Glasgow!!! We ve been having the Sun for 2 days!!! And Saturday was a nice day to travel to Perth (absolutely amazing landscapes on the way from Glasgow) and meet Nadia (the girl photographer) and her very hospitable family, who lives in Forteviot ( one of a new destinations to shoot a fashion story). You will never believe there is a truly English village just in the middle of Scotland with only 40 families settled there!
Sunday brought back this freshness and exclusivity from working with talented designers Clair and Bath who have their brand Kureaa Besu who managed to get a very creative team of professional to work on their new look book! ( I was asked to do the hair and was very happy to meet a lovely make-up artist June Long! An amazing, kind very sociable woman with whom we shared our experiences and from whom I got much advice in terms of many make-up related things!:) I was deeply touched how June and her daughter (who was modelling)got along so well and collaborate on a very professional level (at this point I realy missed my mum....)
I loved personality of Danni Menzies who has put all her efforts in order to create a horse riding club and is just about to leave for work to Japan!
Jade (the photographer) turned put to live just a couple of blocks away from me!:) I hope for future collaboration!
this tiredness is soooo pleasant and relaxing...

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

first day in the Herald

There had to be a reason to start writing in this blog. A reason related to my fashion experience. And finally it happened: my first day of a work placement in the Herald Scotland.

Well you can't really compare it with Vogue mag and especially I will not say that I felt like Ann Hathaway when entered the building of the Herald. There was some thrilling (far less than I had it when was working in the Kremlin) and excitement...and I was thinking:"yes, this must be the right place" only because there were the right people!!!

I am very pleased to be chosen by Eva Arighi to assist her and Carrie McAdam (I hope it will be on a longer term basis).
There are 4 shoots coming next week with both of them and Eva and I have already collected some stuff for her shoots (it is mostly denim led but with some american recession touch from old times) . However I am more curious about Carrie's shoot which will be "Alice in Wonderworld" theme - there will be so much space for imagination and creativity and I am damn happy I will also contribute to this process! Eva said Carrie tends to pick up more avant-garde pieces and more couture, so I am looking forward to see what it can be:))

I should also mention that ALL people I met today were sososo nice and friendly! I was even present at the editorial meeting, where they were exchanging ideas for the coming issues and it definitely gives you a feeling of an insider.

Anyway I am so overwhelmed with emotions that I nearly forgot about my Saturday shoots! I still need to collect the items for the cover shoot for Re:Union and hopefully I will get some from Boudiche!
Fingers crossed***