Wednesday, 20 October 2010

changes in my life:)))

Well there are so many many things happened that I ve no idea what to start with!

First of all I have finished my course and have added to the list of my proffessions: a professional in Internation Fashion Marketing. Moreover I am a happy holder of Masters:) Can't wait to see my family on my graduation on the 25 November!

Another nice surprise is that we got a car! Finally:)Good old Vauxhall Astra, with the same green metallic colour as has my Mini back in Moscow.
Big big thanks to Stuart, who was helping us to buy this car. Having it now it doesn't feel like I am donkey anymore, but a stylist!

Soon very soon I will launch an internet site with my millinery and fascinator collection called, here you can have a snea peak at my floral collection!

Also there are coming changes to my make-up site, which will be both html and flash. I am very very happy my clients and colleges give me a good feedback about the site. First of all due to its incredibly gentle and sophisticated design! Robert Haase couldnt do it better for me:)

A new styling site is also just about to be launched. It is a hard work to get all of the images sorted and ready to be uploaded.

All of these marketing activities are so exciting as it will hopefully lead to an improvement!

More images to go:)