Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Vogue Experience, 2011

It was a "true experience" to see these people in real life:
Christopher Kane, Franca Sozzani, Lisa Armstrong, Manolo Blahnik ....

All very smiley and positiv! However before I saw their smiles I waited in a looong queue in Harvey Nichols for about 2 hours giving that i arrived 30 minutes earlier. To book an appointment for "Vogue Experience'" was an easy job. I have spotted this on one of the group pages on facebook and decided to have a proper look. I was not really sure whether I should go to London as the initiative of the Italian vogue to meet and organise this event for young creatives was meant to happen there. By that moment I was totally skinnt as had to pay a very serious sum for the car insurance a couple of days ago. However it didn't stop me from applying, as it is not everyday when you can meet these people especially during the event where you as a young designer, creative is in the centre of attention! So I applied and chose the time slot from 12 to 1 pm. Unfortunately there didn't follow any explanation of what I should bring,what format it will be in, how long it will last (definitely not one hour otherwise you d feel too special!) also something went a bit wrong with the confirmation email and honestly till the last moment I thought I was not in.
Good news came when I managed to organise two of the bridal trials in London, and also discuss with Joyce Joung the possibility of stocking my head pieces in her shop in London! Basically it worked out perfect;)
I decided not to do trials on the same day with the Vogue experience, just in case I am over emotional:) and to tell the truth there was a reason to be so.
The queue on the 4 th floor in HN was not very promising, some people decided to leave before they reached the judging panel. I met a ukranian girl who studies photography in LCF and we chatted through all this 2 hours. By the moment when I reached the point where assistant were trying to decide people into sections: designers, accessorie designers, shoe designers, I couldnt decided as Whom to present myself: I had both my styling and make-up portfolio and images with my millinery. At first I said that I am a milliner... Was told that Phillip Tracey will come and I should speak to him. That could have been great, BUT the problem that I am not JUST a hat maker! I more wanted to show my works to Franca as I thought she might have a bladed view upon what I do. To do so I had to wait even longer... Many guys who were behind me went pass to meet ...... And I was still waiting. At some point another woman came (her face is very familiar but I can remember who she was) she again enquirer who I was and when I said that I am BOTH, she said I should choose as they don't have time to check all of my stuff. Well I from my side got very organised the night before. I chose the best images of my styling and make-up and put it in 24 pages presentation book, the same I did with the hat images. And I was sure it will not take me ages to show it as it happened to a number of guys who brought the bibles of their works! This lady was trying to push me to Christopher Kane however I was too keen to show my works to Franca, thanks to blond girl (daiughter) who was taking care of me and at some point pushed me to Franca's table!
And this is where I saw this welcoming and smily very early Renaissance looking lady!) I handed in my hats book first starting with the words that I am actually a stylist and makeup artist but am also a milliner and everything in the images (hair, make-up, style, set design) was mainly made by myself:))) she raised her eyes and asked if the photography was mine too, to what I said that the images she was looking at are photographed by my friend Elena Nevzorova. Then she flicked through my makeup and styling portfolio, not really stopping her eye on something in particular. Meanwhile I was telling about myself and that I still cant make up my mind WHAT I would like to be more in my life: make-up artist, stylist or milliner:) and then she asked: why do you need to choose? You just can be whoever you are... There is nothing bad in it to be multitalented.
And you know what, that meant so much to me!))) these words gave me confidence that I might still be perceived seriously even if I do many things! And it is actually regarded quite nicely.
She also seemed to like what i showed her and it felt nice;)
I also asked Franca, what she thought about celebrity endorsement as a marketing tool for promoting a brand. To that she replied she was not sure it d work in the future. Again, this answer was enough for me:) just when I started thanking her for having me here she said if I could leave my business cards to her. I was pleased to give Beretk!Ah and EsteemMakeOver cards, which she carefully checked before I left. That was a nice finishing touch to this brief meeting. While standing in the queue I didnt see many attendants being asked for the contacts really... That's why I thought it was good news. Frankly speaking I didn't even expect THIS from this meeting, especially when I saw crowds of people from LCF and Londons other unis...however I was pleased with the outome. Cannot say I expect a lot from this but at least it made my day and boosted my confidence!) now I am joking: not every Vogue editor has my business cards, Franca Sozzani does;))

The Vogue mood:

The Vogue Queue

The Vogue People
(Christopher Kane in the middle watching the guy's port and Manolo Blahnik in his stylish suit and a tie-bow on the right)

In Vogue Franca Sozzani overwhelmed with people like me (you can see her beautiful blond hair)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Launch was a success:)

Very pleased to say that the launch party of Beretk!Ah... went well and Hair and Make-up lounge where I will also be working has been also officially launched! Thank you very much to those who came and supported us! We are very touched and very happy!
Unfortnately there arenot many images from the event. But at least something:)

Our team with my beautiful models: Bora, Katya, Me, Ramilia, Svetlana, Heather, Lauren and Elaine. all models are in the dresses by Eleganza Sposa.

A couple of happy customers and winners of the raffle:
And a bit of the catwalk! Welcome Katya -that was her first catwalk but how gorgeous she is!:)))

I really hope there are some more images to come, so I will try to update the blog with them!

Monday, 9 May 2011

news news news

Really difficult to keep everything under control! There are so many things I would like to share and I will certainly do: For example how excitig it was to work at Moscow Fashion Week with designer s including extravagant Renata Litvinova. Or how my master-classes in Fashion make-up went in Moscow.... How I flew to Kazakhstan and left there pretty much 20% of my luggage:))

But for now I would like to invite everybody who stumble across this post to a laucnh party of new collection by my brand Beretk!Ah...

***"Since everything is in our heads, we had better not loose them".
(Coco Chanel)***
To keep it safe - let's wear hats:)

Hair and Make-up Lounge warmly invites you to the launch of Beretk!Ah... new collection.
A show of Beretk!Ah... bespoke range of millinery and fascinators, by internationally acclaimed stylist and milliner Tatiana Ashakova in collaboration with the Leading Bridal Boutique Retailer in Scotland Eleganza Sposa and Ramilia at Hair and Make-up Lounge providing (hair and make-up).

Opening Thursday 19th of May 6.30pm-9pm.

Photography exhibition
Mini Fashion Show
Live music

We will be happy to welcome you with your partners and friends in a newly opened Hair and Make-up Lounge in the City Centre of Glasgow.
You will also get a chance to purchase or make orders for some of the designer hats and enjoy relaxing atmosphere of our Lounge with a glass of champaigne and a good chat.

Mini Fashion Show, live music and special offers from Hair&Make-up Lounge are just some "bonuses" which will make our celebration more memorable!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

back to hell=moscow=my lovely city

Back to Moscow!
Not sure I chose the right time to come back... it is really nasty outside and the weather changes too often to be able to adapt to it... However when driving along Moscow's central streets last night, I realised how i miss this city... How many nice things one can experience and how cool this capital feel about this city is! The city of diversities, complex things, poshness and poverty, money making and money laundring etc.

Can't wait till the Moscow Fashion Week, as this time I will joing Maxfactor team (who is the official sponsor of MFW) on the 30 April!

Bring it on Moscow:)))

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Women in Business

Actually Women in Business event/workshop I attended tonight in Glasgow was so useful! Not only I could meet women who are starting their business, but also network very actively. The most positive thing is that you learn at someones example and can be introduced to the business side of thing at no cost. This is why I like the UK and its entrepreneurial attitude! I feel so much more inspired to do more for my brand Beretk!Ah.. and EsteemMakeOver now as when you realise that it is not just you who has ups and downs but also many nice successful women around and also seeing their examples is just very refreshing.
Can wait to attend the next one on the 19 April!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Qlix Mag

It tooook ages to get this shoot published!
But here we go! Qlix magazine that supports young talents published our Final Act and I received a copy of it a couple of days ago:)

It is my first american publication. and I really liked its edgyness:) Even the fact that it folds up in a very unusual way makes it soo cool!
We really hope we contributed to it accordingly:)

Friday, 14 January 2011

my new flower making tools!!!

Well I ve got some good news:) Finally there arrived my new flower making tools! And they are gorgeous:) I remember when I was a girl I had an older friend and she was making flowers as part of her school craft classes. I was so so sad we never had to do this at school, so I sneakily was visiting her and playing around with these strange devices:) One had to heat up them on the fire and work quickly till they cool down. Now the tools have become more advanced and one has a special heater on which one puts a tool and it stays hot as long as one needs! Moreover one can change the power and if some fabric is very delicate - it is easier to control the process. Anyway I can't wait when I get my hands on finally making things for my little Beretk!Ah... ( and watch this space - the next collection will have my hand made flowers!