Friday, 30 April 2010

I have come back to this country where Service has nothing but the big letter!

After being stuck in Moscow coz of this vulcano and experiencing the worst customer service ever with a Russian aircompany Aeroflot I am back in one piece. However I just want to say big thank you to the British Airways which saved me and helped me to escape from Russia!
This is what I have just received from the CEO (well let it be not him, but it is still very nice:)

Dear Miss Ashakova,

The volcano in Iceland resulted in the closure of UK airspace for six days and mass chaos across the country.

In the history of our business, we’ve never had a situation like this. The cancellations meant that in some parts of the world, we had backlogs of thousands of our customers unable to come home.

When faced with such challenges, I know that our customers expect British Airways to respond well.

We did everything in our power to secure the safe re-opening of airspace. Since then our number one priority has been to get our stranded customers home and I would like to thank you personally for your patience and understanding during this unique period.

As well as flying our normal schedule using every available British Airways aircraft, we’ve also flown 14 extra longhaul services from destinations such as Hong Kong, Bangkok and Dubai.

We made sure available seats on all our inbound flights were protected for British Airways customers trying to get home. We appealed to other customers booked to fly, whose travel was not essential, to accept a refund to clear more seats.

Although we will not rest until all of you are home, we will have flown between 70 – 90,000 people per day, including many thousands who were stranded.

While we continue to do as much as we can for you, I appreciate that there will have been occasions where we may not have been able to help as much as we would have liked. If, however, you do still need to contact us, please visit for information on how to do this.

This was an exceptional event in British Airways’ history and colleagues from across the airline came together to do everything possible to assist. In response, many of our customers have taken the time to write to me or other colleagues at British Airways to express their thanks for what we were able to do. I am very grateful to all our customers for their continuing support.

Friday, 2 April 2010

on the way to Moscow...

FAfter a very busy March i am on my way from London to Moscow. With 'a happy heart' after a shoot with Joe Maclay I am now looking forward to collaborate with my russian photographers. I am al excited to see how things are going with the Russian fashion week and catch its last days)))
After Moscow I will come back more determined in terms of getting a job and starting my dissertation, which will b covering the aspect of collaboration within a creative team during the process of creating an imaginary advertising campaign.
I will also bring some nice stuff like russian floral sarves to sell them at my friends' small boutques and hopefully will start selling my unique pieces of millinery.)))
So many plans...
However the best news is that my internet site as been finally launched and I am completing adding my works