Monday, 3 January 2011

As I am quite busy with setting up proper PR techniques and marketing strategies for my millinery brand I just thought I would share some thoughts how exciting and also difficult but incredibly interesting it is to see how your brand developing!

In the beginning it was really difficult to imagine how things will look like...who will be liking my stuff (as most of the pieces I make are totally my ideas and there is no guarantee someone will like it).
A very exciting part is to see how people start recognising my brand. And this is where a distinct brand's name comes to help! I think the decision to call it Beretk!Ah... was quite right as it does appeal to english speaking audience at least because it sounds a bit foreign and funky. And this is what my brand is about - it is not about black and white! It is all about unusual and creative, messy and unexpected!
I have no idea from where I draw insiration to create more and more designs:) I think it is stored in my background, and due to the fact that I am such a "visual person" (i can;t live without images, pictures, I even do snapshots with my eyes when look at things) and probably allocate it to some special folder in my memory. The same with styling job - I have no idea how I will be styling an upcoming shoot, I never put together proper sketches or anything ... It comes at the spot! From nowhere! Boom and we ve got something really unusual:) And I like it... I just hope it will never end for me...

Anyway let's see where Beretk!Ah.. will go next! A recent good news for us is that some of the bridal pieces are stocked at Joyce Joung now, one of the most aspiring scottish wedding designer!

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