Wednesday, 10 February 2010

first day in the Herald

There had to be a reason to start writing in this blog. A reason related to my fashion experience. And finally it happened: my first day of a work placement in the Herald Scotland.

Well you can't really compare it with Vogue mag and especially I will not say that I felt like Ann Hathaway when entered the building of the Herald. There was some thrilling (far less than I had it when was working in the Kremlin) and excitement...and I was thinking:"yes, this must be the right place" only because there were the right people!!!

I am very pleased to be chosen by Eva Arighi to assist her and Carrie McAdam (I hope it will be on a longer term basis).
There are 4 shoots coming next week with both of them and Eva and I have already collected some stuff for her shoots (it is mostly denim led but with some american recession touch from old times) . However I am more curious about Carrie's shoot which will be "Alice in Wonderworld" theme - there will be so much space for imagination and creativity and I am damn happy I will also contribute to this process! Eva said Carrie tends to pick up more avant-garde pieces and more couture, so I am looking forward to see what it can be:))

I should also mention that ALL people I met today were sososo nice and friendly! I was even present at the editorial meeting, where they were exchanging ideas for the coming issues and it definitely gives you a feeling of an insider.

Anyway I am so overwhelmed with emotions that I nearly forgot about my Saturday shoots! I still need to collect the items for the cover shoot for Re:Union and hopefully I will get some from Boudiche!
Fingers crossed***

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